Starting a new venture in hospitality?

Looking at how to refresh your business after a perilous period of uncertainty? 

Have an amazing idea for an event but need support for your F&B offering?

A partner is a great way to help you to build profits or investment with everything being taken care of for you. 

Our crack team of expert event organisers and managers will take you under their wing and serve justice to your idea. 

They have grown up in all facets of the events industry, be it music, acting, design and all the mundane back of House spreadsheets that make the engines hum.

Word from Charles - 

COVID-19 has been a shock and surprise for us all. At FIRE + FLY, we thought we were going to make it our year… 
And we still can!

Whatever the situation – we will adapt and overcome. We will embrace the new normal and look forward to new, exciting challenges the future might bring.


Innovative concepts, bespoke menus,
 intricate techniques, operation management and training program? We want to bring you more. From your first enquiry to opening the doors of your objective, we will always have your long-term interest at heart.


Over the years, we helped organised 
hundreds of events, from intimate projects to outdoor festivals entertaining massive crowds. Working hand in hand, we will bring your concept and ideas to life, keeping in touch with the latest trends and techniques while keeping our eyes on every single detail.


We are experts in the immersive.
 Our teams are a blend of actors, musicians and performers who have entertained guests across a myriad of different worlds: From wild, lavish parties to intense, intimate theatre spaces, they can adapt to any brief and bring our beautifully designed bars and environments to life.