Our intricate planning makes things tick, we run your project smoothly and we bring your ideas to life. An ideas and solutions company that delivers amazing experiences through the medium of hospitality consultancy, festivals and events. At Fire and Fly we strive to be the cogs in the watch, the Swan’s legs in a lake, the bubbles in the Champagne.

Our expertise spans across hospitality, drinks led festivals and events with a particular focus on, yes you guessed it, immersive experiences. Except we really mean it. We’re a small agile team – Effectively an ‘A-team’ - drop us in and we’ll rapidly assess a situation, define the solution and make it happen.
We don’t claim to be original; we like it when we see something working, we’ll take inspiration from it and integrate into our systems. Hell, if everyone was striving to do what we think should be done, we’d clap our hands, retire and start a curling team. 

But there is much work to be done. Our talent is making exciting concepts and ideas commercially viable. The results capture the imagination and are stimulating, engaging and always memorable. We do what we say, we get on with it and we deliver.

Charles “in charge”, much like George Clooney in Oceans 11 has put together the finest crack team in nurturing and realising your projects. One guy was found polishing the Rum display at his supermarket job. One wore a tux driving a forklift. Another he found carving excel spreadsheets into ice sculptures. 
The point is they’re talented and these skillets are being channelled correctly to make your project - Super. Awesome. We look at life differently – taking the best practice of event organisation, hospitality and logistics and then rethinking everything else.

Meet the team

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