1. What types of events do you provide hospitality services for?

The short answer every type. We are structured to manage large scale events and productions but all of our senior team have spent years managing every type of event and we have the infrastructure in place to serve a small 50 person activation up to managing large scale festival bars.

2. What is Immersive Hospitality + how does F+F incorporate it into your events and consultancy?

For us immersive hospitality has two connotations. The first is that in the world of theatre where guests are transformed to another place or world and everyone who is a part of that world needs to live and breathe in it, including the bar team.

It requires a full submersion and with it a back story and reason to be there. Bartenders don’t need to be actors, they can be bartenders who work in this world, but they do need to make their guests believe they live and breath in this world and not break the illusion.

The second meaning is related and requires many of the same skills but this time we are not creating a world but instilling an ethos into a team to best represent their brand.
This would be used at our brand activations, event and festival bars or a permanent bar looking to upgrade its service.

It is service that starts the moment a guest walks into a space; making a guest feel immediately confident they are being looked after whatever the event may be.
It is trusting that your drink will be made expertly by someone who has your best interest at heart; who engages with you and makes you feel valued.

It is a service that wishes you safe onward travel, sometimes literally, and makes you can’t wait to go back, tell your friends about or jump on social media to post how enjoyable an experience was. That is what we are always striving for”

3. What types of bar services do you offer for events + brand activations?

It might seem like a cop-out, but it all depends on what the client would desires! Examples include but are not limited to:

  • An understated, efficient dispense bar for a networking event where the guests are the focus and operations run smoothly in the background. Fast, hyper- professional cocktail bartenders supply a ‘welcome’ champagne and serve classic, concise cocktails throughout.
  • The complete opposite. An ‘experiential’ bar or roaming stations that are woven into the fabric of a company’s message. A themed, on-brand cocktail menu will be devised and professional actors hired to delight and captivate guests while delivering drinks.
  • Everything in-between!


4. How do you ensure that the bars are staffed with experienced + friendly bartenders?

Through a stringent vetting process! We have a ‘black book’ of trusted mixologists and performers that we trust implicitly.

However most of our events will involve some new people and we have a comprehensive interview and, if appropriate, audition process to make sure that we hire dedicated people that understand the standard expected of them.

5. What type of catering options are available for events + brand activations?

We can provide a number of catering options, all bespoke to the client’s needs and wants, and the venue’s capabilities.

6. Can you provide examples of successful events you have managed?

Of course! I refer you to our ‘Projects’ page for an overview of our work with Secret Cinema and then also to ‘Blog’ page for a deeper dive into the ethos of the company and also our Director’s work at Publiq; an award winning cocktail bar and restaurant in the heart of Kensington.

7. How do you ensure the safety + security of guests during events?

The safety of our guests is of paramount importance to us and our role as custodians of the sale/delivery of alcohol means that all our team members are well-trained and responsible in every service they make. We also work closely with event organisers and security staff to ensure the event runs harmoniously.

8. What is your approach to managing guest flow + lines during events?

Queues play a pivotal role in any bar operation and though guests might not like to see them, we love them as it means our bars are busy! We don’t love them stagnant or disorganised however, so when planning and building our bars, queue management is integral to the logistics.

Our bars don’t end at the bar top, and we ensure every aspect and scenario is factored in to make sure a guest’s journey is as smooth as possible.

9. What steps does your company take to reduce its eco footprint, + how do you ensure that your hospitality services + events are sustainable?

We are a socially responsible and sustainably minded company. However, that doesn’t mean we are going to greenwash or be bound by unrealistic targets. We will always encourage our clients to choose sustainable options where they can and will draw up proposals based on a client’s ethos.

In the meantime we focus much more on what we can control within our own operation:


  • Correct recycling procedures and supply appropriate bins
  • Use less. The most effective way to be green is to be economical in every department. Try to limit the amount of wastage each bar and back of house area produces and digitise contracts, manuals and documents.
  • Promote green modes of travel and supply safe bicycle storage on site.
10. How can interested clients get in touch with you to learn more about your services?

Send us an email! Please see our contact form or message us directly through our social media channels and lets get the conversation started.