May 18, 2023

The food blog

Trading places

Fire and Fly’s catering services aim to deliver high-quality food offerings without compromising on efficiency or profitability. We can provide these services directly, for smaller scale operations, or acting as a management agent for independent traders, procuring the right traders for the event and overseeing operations. A full product includes:

  • On-boarding Packs & Trader Guides
  • Verification and collation of Health and Safety requirements
  • Oversee installation of stalls and pitches
  • Day to day management and troubleshooting
  • Regular monitoring of quality control
  • Overseeing deliveries and logistics
  • Written and financial reporting and reconciliation

This wrap-around service ensures there is coherent, co-ordinated service from start to finish that gives security for our clients and clarity to all vendors.

When it comes to the day to day management, we have experienced managers who can work in all settings big and small and who can immediately communicate effectively with everyone they will come in contact with: guests, ops teams, traders, contractors and delivery drivers. This will ensure operations are run smoothly and that all departments can trust they are in safe hands. Our managers are consummate professionals and though they are friendly and approachable, they are also stringent in making sure that all rules and regulations are followed for the safety and financial security of everyone involved.

We also consult on menu design and procurement. Charles’ sister restaurant Publiq, nestled next to Hyde Park, delivers exceptional food and prides itself on seasonal flavours and dishes that are sourced locally and looks at ways to limit the impact of their carbon footprint. As such, he is perfectly placed to take a brief and curate it himself or consult on an idea to ensure it has commercial success. We also have an extensive ‘black book’ of independent food traders who we can call upon to deliver quality food at any event or project. Our briefs are client-led but we always aim to source local options and with sustainability in mind.

Unsustainable sustainability

Fire and Fly is a company that is supportive of minimising its carbon footprint and wastage, and one that treats the environments we work in with respect.

We are, however, realists and are aware of our own limitations and the wider demands of the event and hospitality industry at large. We therefore don’t want to make promises that end up as greenwashing and set targets that are unrealistic. We instead look at what we can control:

  • In our operations we recycle everything we can, we encourage our bartenders to use less and therefore create less waste.
  • During procurement we look for suppliers that are local and have philosophies that align with ours and we are always sourcing equipment with a view to it lasting for multiple shows.

We acknowledge that we could always do more and this is an area that is under constant review as we look for manageable improvements that work for both our client and ourselves.