Why People?

Because ultimately all events are about people; those that organise them, those that work on them and those that come to them. We make sure our focus centres on the welfare and happiness of every person involved in that triangle.

Whether this is maximising the productivity of the bars for the client, ensuring staff are being treated fairly or giving the incredible experience a guest deserves buying some food or drink, we are always thinking of everyone, all of the time.

The Team

Our teams are our greatest asset for any project.

Who are Fire + Fly?

We are made up of two people, Charles, the Founder and Director, and Robin, F+F’s General Manager.

As the founder of Fire & Fly, Charles has produced profitable bars for Secret Cinema and established Publiq, a highly acclaimed venue in South Kensington. Publiq has earned recognition as the 21st best cocktail bar in the UK and 240th in the world, offering seasonal small plates and cocktails with outstanding reviews. Charles has also collaborated with prestigious brands as a consultant, specialising in drink styling, menu creation, content creation, venue management, pop-up bars, and large-scale events.

Charles’ diverse and extensive experiences have equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the London hospitality scene. His unwavering drive and work ethic ensure that he is well-prepared to manage and deliver exceptional results.

Robin has been running bars and hospitality venues in London for over a decade. At once a lover of the spotlight and the puppeteer above the stage, he spent his early days behind the bars of Mont-Matre, Tattooine and a dystopian Los Angeles to name but a few, cavorting around universes like a debauched Time-Lord supplying delectable drinks and desirous drama to all he served.

Then, as time has become his enemy, he has stepped back to peer from behind the curtain and build teams that do it much better than he ever did. Seeing this as a positive, he subsequently does his best to keep them all happy whilst seeking out more stages for the troupe to strut upon.

Through our time in the industry we have built our core values that define our ethos and guide us in our decision-making.

– Building valued and respected teams.
– Plan and prepare thoroughly.
– We look for innovative ways to create high-quality products.

With these three P’s; People, Preparation and Product, we are able to supply honest hospitality that is profitable but doesn’t compromise on quality.

Team Heroes

We take pride in working with teams that support and look out for each other. Investing time to understand our team’s needs and build their trust makes our job a joy. This approach fosters a high level of productivity and engagement, enabling us to set high expectations for our teams. We expect impeccable service, consistent drinks, and efficient work throughout.

Our team is not limited to the people we employ. We build excellent working relationships with all departments to smash the mercenary feel events, trade-shows or activations can sometimes have. We bring positivity and co-operation to the room which in turn is felt by the guests.

The Management

The senior team at F+F serves as the embodiment of our brand. They have typically worked for us on numerous projects and we trust them to uphold our ethos and oversee our operations. With their extensive experience in the events industry, they possess a keen understanding of the needs of both guests and team members.

Their relentless pursuit of improvement is evident through their dedication to social responsibility and their hands-on insights, which continuously enhance the efficiency of our bars.

The Client

Bringing ideas to life

The Perfect Match

Our clients are our partners. We build this partnership through an alignment of common goals and values. It creates a strong working relationship and ensures we can serve justice to the project.

The Guests

We are obsessed in making sure every guest has an experience to wax lyrical about.

An experience to remember

The moment someone approaches our bars we are thinking about every detail. From the absorbing experience our hero bartenders will deliver to the efficiently-made, delectable cocktail that will delight the tastebuds, we are curating and re-imagining every step of the way.