Full service management

At your service, Every step of the way

Giving your event the best chance of commercial and artistic success. Benefits of our full package include:

build for success

Ensure reliable infrastructure and systems are embedded into the fabric of the operation. This creates consistency for our team and establishes a robust environment suitable to meet the client’s needs.

go with the flow

Expert advice on audience flow to assist in design on the show’s layout. Bars designed for efficiency and speed of service as well as a commercial analysis of the space to maximise profitability.

clear comms

Establish the F&B’s role as a key department, seamlessly integrated with the rest of your project. We work closely with everyone, whatever the event, to ensure cross-departmental harmony.

world builders

Assist in establishing aligned narratives or messaging through-out the show or event’s bars and supplying bartenders that create a unique ‘one of a kind’ world to live in.

maximise profitability

By integrating all these systems, we ensure your project has the best opportunity for financial success through careful application and integration of our key pillars.

Services will also include:

Experienced F+F Managers running day to day operations.

Recruitment & staffing of exceptional bartenders, waiters, hosts, performers.

Logistics and BOH management from first day of project to the last.

Financial forecasting, daily reporting, and detailed, data-driven weekly analysis.

Cocktails created specifically for the event and it’s audience.

Cocktails batched in-house for large scale events