' Whatever the situation – we will 
adapt and overcome. We will 
embrace the new normal and 
look forward to new, exciting,
 challenges That the 

future might bring. '

“The Boss”, much like George Clooney in Oceans 11 has put together the finest crack team in nurturing and realising your projects. One guy was found polishing the Rum display at his supermarket job. One wore a tux driving a forklift. Another he found carving excel spreadsheets into ice sculptures. The point is they’re talented and these skillsets are being channelled correctly to make your project - Super. Awesome. We look at life differently – taking the best practice of event organisation and logistics and then rethinking everything else.


Director -



Having been (amicably) refused service from almost all the major bars from Seven Dials to Shoreditch Robin realised the best way to sit in dingy speakeasys and sip Red Hooks was to work for them and so his career in the industry began.   It was during this time that he saw power in spectacle and guest interaction and was inspired to help curate these experiences. He also saw the utility of a fulfilled worker, driven by clear goals; respected and valued in an environment where they can flourish.    

Finishing his MA in Classical Theatre and having a mild panic attack as to its validity, Robin turned instead to that paragon of self-worth, bar management.   He built a series of fun, highly skilled and diligent teams working in all settings from sports bars to high octane events.   Through this he built his core values of fairness, future and fun, tenets that may seem obvious but are simply not respected. He is determined to instil this ethos throughout his teams and the wider industry.

His portfolio of work has grown in scale to overseeing team operations of large-scale festival bars (Secret Cinema, Udderbelly, SoulShakers), and extends beyond the bar world into experiential events (TED Staffing, Glownet, The Food Factory).